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Optional courses

The CFA ® Program attracts candidates from a wide range of investment and finance disciplines. That’s why BPP designed Optional courses which students can choose to fit their level of knowledge and supplement their learning. BPP offers the following optional courses to supplement studying towards the CFA ® qualification.

Level I – Financial maths booster

This one day course will prepare students for some of the financial maths they will encounter within the CFA ® syllabus. Sitting the Financial Maths Booster will enhance their maths skills and give them a kickstart to starting the first level of the program.

Question-based revision course

By the time you reach this phase you will have grasped a thorough understanding of the key subject areas and will be ready to apply some of your knowledge. The revision phase pays particular attention to focused exam preparation and improving your exam technique. This is important because one of the main reasons why so many candidates struggle to get through the exam is due to a lack of exam technique, rather than a lack of knowledge.

Our tutors will provide you with an overview of key points followed by question practice to assist you in preparing for the exam.

Our course offers students:

  • A general overview of exam requirements at Level 1
  • Exam focused preparation regarding each exam topic
  • Methods of applying knowledge and answering exam questions to gain maximum marks
  • Answers to individual exam-related questions