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ACCA has founded a new certificate targeted at anyone wishing to acquire an international qualification in basic financial and management accounting with no previous relevant experience. The FIA syllabus focuses on the core skills, terminology and system of financial and management accounting. It also offers a secure foundation in accounting.

What is FIA?

Foundations in Accountancy (FIA) is a new, flexible entry-level suite of awards from ACCA. It provides an opportunity to get acquainted with basic financial and management accounting concepts and principles. FIA comprises 7 subjects set on three levels. Computer based exams are available to complete every subject of the FIA qualification. The courses are recommended for new joiners and junior staff as it is fundamental to understand the company processes behind financial statements and gain a basic overview of the core principles of financial and management accounting. Having acquired an understanding of “the big picture”, communication between all those involved in both external and internal financial issues will also improve.

Theoretical explanations are underpinned by numerous case studies and practical examples in order to enhance understanding and practicability of the material.


Who is FIA for?

Introductory and Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting

  • A junior accounts clerk/junior bookkeeper role in a financial shared service centre, the accounting department of a larger organisation or a small or medium-sized enterprise.

Diploma in Accounting and Business

  • A financial supervisory or management role in accounts payables and/or receivables, or a financial role in a fixed asset accounting or in financial shared service centres.
  • A financial reporting and/or financial decision-support role, possibly in a supervisory role, within an accounting department of a larger organisation. Acquiring this qualification also offers exemptions from the first three exams of the ACCA.

  • FIA Exams
    FOUNDATIONS IN ACCOUNTANCY (FIA) The structure of the qualification: Foundations in Accountancy (FIA) syllabus FA1 – Recording Financial Transactions This subject: introduces the basic accounting systems and documentation that will be encountered in the workplace,...
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